Corporate Wellness

Are you an employer looking to invest in your employees and retain top talent? Are you looking for ways to offset health insurance costs? Corporate Wellness can help with both.

With the ever increasing cost of health insurance, companies are searching for ways to get a handle on this expensive employee benefit. In addition to reducing bottom line cost, companies are motivated to decrease non-productive time such as sick leave and increase productivity by helping employees improve their health.

Research shows that employers who commit to a properly designed, long-term integrated workplace wellness program reap big benefits. These benefits include:

  • Reduced health care cost
  • Less sick days
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved employee morale

For every $1 spent on a comprehensive employee wellness program, your return on investment has an average savings of $3 per employee per year.

WellPlan and Occupational Health Partners, both divisions of COMCARE at Salina Regional Health Center, have the staff and expertise to assist you in developing a corporate wellness program that works. Better yet, they can manage the program elements to fit your particular workforce.

We offer services such as Wellness Portal platform, biometric screenings, Health Risk Assessment administration, dietitian consults, food and exercise demos and more.

Call (785) 820-2125 or e-mail us today to learn how to begin taking steps to improve your work force wellness.

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