CT Scans

A CT scan is one of the most effective and advanced forms of imaging exams. Our CT scanner provides a low dose, high quality scan and is designed for the comfort of the patient. Our machine offers the largest table width and shortest adjustable bed height in the industry. The wide bed space and large scan opening provides plenty of room for the patient to lay comfortably for their exam. Most exams will take 20 minutes or less. Sometimes the exam will require the patient to drink a contrast media for the scan or to have one administered into the body by IV. The IV contrast may create a slight warming sensation in the body, which is normal.

Once the exam begins, the table moves into place of the scanner’s large donut-shaped opening. Throughout the scan, you will be asked to remain still and may be asked to hold your breath for short periods of time. A video or audio coaching system will help you through the exam. There are no lingering effects from the CT exam or contrast medial used. Please be sure to report to your physician, before the exam, if you are pregnant or have any known allergies to iodine.